In Two Years Below the Horn, engineer Andrew Taylor vividly recounts his experiences and accomplishments during Operation Tabarin, a landmark British expedition to Antarctica to establish sovereignty and conduct science during the Second World War. When mental strain led the operation’s first commander to resign, Taylor—a military engineer with extensive pre-war surveying experience—became the first and only Canadian to lead an Antarctic expedition.

Learn about the Canadian State and the Arctic:

The Advisory Committee on Northern Development (ACND), a high-level interdepartmental committee, was responsible for coordinating federal Arctic policies and programs from 1948-1971. The minutes of its main meetings provide unparalleled insight into how high-ranking civil servants in Ottawa grappled with what they perceived to be the most pressing issues of the era.  Read the minutes here!

The Joint Arctic Weather Stations: Science and Sovereignty in the High Arctic, 1946-1972

Prof. P. Whitney Lackenbauer and I are writing the first systematic study of the creation and operation of Resolute, Mould Bay, Isachsen, Eureka and Alert. It will explore how diplomats, bureaucrats, and meteorological personnel from both countries collectively managed a truly bi-national project on the Canadian archipelago. Read more about the book on my Current Projects page.

The Confederation Debates

I led a Canada 150 legacy project to collect and transcribe Canada's Confederation debates from 1865-1949. Read more about it on my Current Projects page.

Daniel Heidt is the Project Manager for The Confederation Debates and the Research and Administration Manager at the Centre on Foreign Policy and Federalism. His research interests include Canadian political history, public history, as well as the intersections of Canadian-American relations, science, technology and the environment in the Arctic. He also co-founded Waterloo Innovations, a small business dedicated to developing research technologies and workflows.

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